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The El Reno Public Schools Support Staff has contracts that are renewed yearly. We work hard and do all we can to have input on these contracts.
For the school year of 2000-2001 we were able to bargain our contracts for the first time, we went into negotiations in July and worked until it was done. By late early October we finalized the contract negotiations and were pleased at the outcome. Our negotiated contract is 21 pages long and in it we have general contract provisions: Contract Reference, Printing/Distribution of negotiated agreement, Savings Clause, Payroll Deductions, Use of School Buildings/Mail, Association's Placement of Board Meeting Agenda, Availability of  information, and Association Leave.
Conditions of Employment: Notification of Employment, Suspension,Demotions or Termination, and Personnel files.
Leave Provisions: Sick leave, Care Bank, Personal business leave, Bereavement leave, Job-injury leave, leave of absence, Non-chargeable leave, leave without pay, unauthorized absences, Legal process leave, and vacation leave.
Compensation: Salary Schedule, District-provided benefits.
Grievance Procedure: Grievance procedure, duration.
Appendix: Support Employee Evaluation & Management System Forms.
Negotiating our contracts has been a great moral booster and we are getting ready to go into bargaining again for the upcoming school year contracts. We truly hope we do as well if not better than last year.