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Without dedicated education support personal there would be no quality public education. Who would open the school doors, turn on the heat in the winter, answer the phones, drive the buses full of students to the schools, and cook and feed the children daily.
Bus drivers, cooks, custodians, secretaries, assistants, and aides it would be impossible to make quality public education happen without all of us!

Last legislative session was good to support personnel. Through the efforts of the OEA, support personnel health insurance benefits were increased to $2,042.88 for full time (six hours a day) employees. No other organization represents you like the Oklahoma Education Association!

OEA asks you to become a member of the moving force that is trying to make a better place for you to work and for Oklahoma's children to live, work and learn.

Join us we need your help.

El Reno Public Schools Support Staff is a part of the OEA system, we work very close with them and try to help others understand the benefits to joining the OEA.
We have about 120 support staff, out of that number we have 49 members, our group has grown over the last foes years. In the last year we grew 15%, the largest percentage in the northwest area. We are very proud and work hard at keeping our schools looking great and take pride in knowing the children are well taken care of.
We hope to have a full 100% membership soon or as close to that as we can.